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Carmel Bonello

Carmel Bonello was born in Siggiewi, Malta in 1960. He is an ardent expressionist of great strength and bold impact. His dynamic energy, which is constantly seeking new vents, could be the basis of his individuality, his art and style. Carmel Bonello believes in mood, his spontaneity captures the fleeting moment and galvanizes each instance into permanent and concrete form. It is incredible how a few strokes of his brush evoke a mood, an atmosphere. The simplicity and economy in line and composition lend his work clarity and immediacy. With the use of black and chromatic colours the artist projects a tremendous force, full of life, His work is packed with dynamic swirls, action, energy, forceful, strong and bold. Carmel Bonello is a prolific artist using mixed media and experimentation to obtain burst of colours or bold graphic compositions. Carmel?s art is wild, violent, raw and rough, and yet there is so much serenity and tranquility. Carmel portrays his subconscious thought in his paintings, his various topics encompass his need for expression, he uses a spontaneous and physical process with his painting that in turn present an immediate response to his expressive personality. Carmel takes life easy and in his stride. He describes his as rough with a romantic flair, he takes pleasure in creating something out of nothing. Whilst painting, he travels on a voyage with no particular end, his mood directs him to his final objective with his pieces. Carmel is influenced by his surroundings and he is drawn to faces and in particular, eyes, his observations serve as a means to exploring and relating to a subjects personality. An abstract expressionist, one needn?t look further than his paintings to understand that Carmel is passionate about his work and that he uses his style to evoke value and meaning. His art is expressive yet unobtrusive, the movement and energy flow continuously keep your eyes guessing. He frequently uses mixed media which add depth and vigour to his work. The observer is left with the desire to look deeper into the significance of the painting thus creating a sense of debate between one?s self and the piece.

His life experiences have moulded him into the person he is today and have allowed him to adapt his art to  his conscious and unconscious thoughts. The artist had several solo exhibitions in Malta, France and Germany. Many of his works are to be found in Malta and different countries around the world in private and public collections.
You can visit the artist studio and gallery in Mellieha.

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Mobile : 356-99827638

Email: [email protected]

Facebook Page: Carmel Bonello Art Gallery


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